Let us verify your annual accounts

A business closes its financial year by preparing its financial statements. Do you prepare your own? Then we would be glad to review them for you. Prefer to concentrate on your daily activities? In that case, we can prepare your financial statements and carefully discuss them with you to give you a thorough understanding of your financial and tax position.

Preparing your financial statements

Quite some specific laws and regulations must be taken into consideration when preparing your financial statements. Vlieger is specialized in this area. With our assistance, you can rest assured that they are properly prepared.

Preparing your filing documents

Do you have a Dutch private limited company? Then certain documents, such as short-form financial statements, must be filed electronically with the Chamber of Commerce. A number of specific requirements apply. We ensure that these documents meet the requirements.

Audit support

When you have your financial statements audited, you will need to provide an external auditor with certain information. We would be glad to handle this for you. With our vast experience and expertise in audits, we can help you gather the right information so that the audit runs smoothly and you can carry on with your daily business with as little interference as possible.